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Triplets? Some Answers to FAQ.

Did you plan for this to happen? Ha! No! To help give you a glimpse of how unusual and surprising this was, our doctor didn’t speak for a couple of minutes during our first ultrasound. In his many years of … Continue reading

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Gideon Henry–What’s in a Name

Names are funny things. Chosen before much is known about you, most people live a lifetime with their identity hinged to something given to them at the very beginning. I by no means claim to know the best way to … Continue reading

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When Christmas Doesn’t Feel Holly or Jolly

I can think of many holiday seasons where the idea of baking cookies, watching snow fall, hanging lights, and listening to holiday music felt nothing but appropriate. I’ve also lived through holiday seasons and am currently experiencing one right now … Continue reading

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Egos and Toes…

“Have you ever thought about the fact that you do not notice your body until there is something wrong with it?  When we are walking around, we are not usually thinking how fantastic our toes are feeling.  Or how brilliantly … Continue reading

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I Never Wanted to Marry a Lawyer…

Growing up, I don’t think I ever created a tangible list of the things I wanted in a future spouse.  There were plenty of mental notations, though.  Among them, career paths I wanted to avoid at all cost.  At the … Continue reading

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More Alike than Different…

You’re probably well aware that a royal child was welcomed not only by his family but what felt like the entire world last week.  Did you know, however, that another approximately 370,000 babies were born on July 22 as well? … Continue reading

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We write to taste life twice…

“We write to taste life twice.” -Anais Nain- I can tell when I’ve gone too long without writing.  I’m a hazier version of myself.  A version far more scattered, far less alive.  It’s not that anything I have to say … Continue reading

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