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More Alike than Different…

You’re probably well aware that a royal child was welcomed not only by his family but what felt like the entire world last week.  Did you know, however, that another approximately 370,000 babies were born on July 22 as well? … Continue reading

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My Dad…

My family has never been one to celebrate holidays in excess.  Don’t get me wrong, candles were lit on cakes, trees were covered in lights and ornaments, and I have more than a few beautiful memories from a host of … Continue reading

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On Being a Sister…

In some ways, being a sibling is one of the most natural relationships of all.  For better or worse, it’s not something you choose.  Unbeknownst to you, they are either placed in your lap or you are placed into theirs. … Continue reading

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For February 26, 1985. For beauty in simplicity and small town America roots. For parents who love not just who I was but who I was created to be. Who willingly let me go become this person with encouragement, care, … Continue reading

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Beauty in Simplicity

Where I’m from, the holiday season officially starts at daybreak tomorrow morning.  I’m not referring to premature tree decorating or bargain shopping.  Yes, turkeys are on sale at many a grocery store, but in my family an important annual tradition involving … Continue reading

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Where I’m From…

Fall, by far, is my favorite season.  Fall, by far, also is the time where the nostalgic remembering happen more so than any other part of the year.  There is something about a little bite in the air that sends … Continue reading

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Sincere Faith–Reflections from a Daughter

* I recently started blogging with the rest of my church’s Children’s Ministry Staff at a site called Leaving a Legacy.  I posted this entry there earlier this morning.  Happy Mother’s Day, mom. Earlier this week, Christine and Rachel posted a pair of beautiful … Continue reading

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